Minutes of Meetings



Minutes of the Annual Meeting held May 24, 2014

The meeting was called to order by Chairman VanCampenhout at 9:02 a.m.

Commissioners in Attendance: VanCampenhout, Smet, Kerkhoff, Alsteen, Stoller, Connell, and Hogan

Absent: D. Buhrandt

Members in attendance: 18

Roll Call

Approval of the Agenda: Member R. Alsteen made a motion to accept the agenda and was seconded by member J. Porubcan. All were in favor.

Secretary’s Report: A member made a motion to accept the report and was seconded by member P. Porubcan. All were in favor.

Treasurer’s Report: There is a tax assessment of $50/property. Our grant from the DNR has been extended twice.  This grant gave us a 75% reimbursement for the milfoil treatment of the lake. Question concerning proposed grant money being less for 2014. Answer:  P. Porubcan stated that we would only be treating Bass Lake.  Question by member:  Does the money we have in the bank effect the grants? J. Porubcan stated that this would not affect the grant.  A motion was made by J. Vreeke to accept the report as is and was seconded by member Bob.

Aquatic Plant Control (Pat Porubcan): There will be treatment in certain spots NW corner near Erickson’s. Also Onterra recommended treatment of Bass Lake. Hand pulling of Bass Lake had been attempted last year with little success. . Onterra was here two weeks ago for a pre- lake study. Treatment will be done on 5/27/14 with a liquid chemical. Crooked Lake was rated among the top lakes in Wisconsin for clarity and weed control. Question concerning lake study plant control was brought up by a member. They were concerned by goose feces and people urinating at the point and how this could affect the lake? J. Otis brought up that urine is not as contaminating as feces.  Can we control the urinating at the point? Chairman VanCampenhout answered – the Lake District has no control over people urinating. The Town of Riverview, DNR of Oconto County would have to be contacted. The district has no police oversight. A. Hogan stated the town has municipal rights to cite people. Town Board can write citations. Violators can be fined up to $300.   Lake District will be having aa five year full lake management plan completed in the next year.   We are finding that grant money is harder to get so we are planning on decreased funds in the future. Discussion on septic systems:  A. Hogan talked with Pat Virtues (Oconto County), Septic’s older than 20 years are not on the grid. We must organize and push to have these added. Oconto County  is enforcing septics to be pumped or checked every three years. Are card will be sent to the property owner which must be returned to the county. The Lake District will put action to push the county to inforce ALL septic’s.  A member stated that a test for leaky septics was done years ago. A motion was made to have Oconto County  have a formal inspection and fine property owners if need be, on their septic systems. This motion was made by D. Moore and seconded by a member.

Weed Cutting (Ken Kerkhoff):  The weed cutter is ready to go. Cannot cut before July 1 per permit. Can only cut in designated areas. Can pick up floating weeds outside this area. The fuel tanks were stolen off weed cutter last year.

Clean Boat Clean Water (Darla Alsteen):  Last year had a total of 33 volunteers who worked a total of 206 hours. Per your grant we need 200 hours. Of the 33 volunteers 8 were up for the drawing for gift certificate . Winners 3rd place Wendy, 2nd Rick Alsteen, 1st Darla Alsteen.  We need additional people to help at the boat landing for CBCW.  There are two containers at the store with everything needed to help at the boat landings. We need to educate people using our lakes on invasive weeds such as milfoil.

Tax Assessment (Jayme VanCampenhout):  A motion was made by a member to keep the $50 tax assessment . This was seconded by R. Alsteen.

Election of New Commissioners:  Seats up for election are Julie Smet, Jayme VanCampenhout and Ken Kerkhoff.   Julie and Jayme were reelected and Debbie Moore was elected to take Ken Kerkhoff’s position. A motion was made by R. Alsteen to close elections this was seconded by J. Vreeke.

Other Business

A motion was made to clean up public beach  and inforce regulations at the point. Sixteen were for and two opposed. We will request DNR for extra patrol.

Organic fertilizer for sale. This is to encourage use of organic fertilizer near the lake

It was brought up by a member that the tying up of boats in the middle of the lake during boating hours is a problem.

A motion was made to adjourn by R. Alsteen and J. Vreeke at 10:10 a.m.