Minutes of Meetings

Crooked Lake Area Lakes

Protection and Rehabilitation District

Minutes of the Commissioners Meeting from April 25, 2015

Commissioners in Attendance: VanCampenhout, Smet, Connell, Stoller, and Moore.
Approval of the Agenda: Commissioner Stoller made a motion to accept the agenda. This was seconded by Commissioner Connell.
Secretary’s Report: A motion was made by Commissioner Connell to Accept the report. This was seconded by Commissioner Stoller.
Treasurer’s Report: At this time total cash or equivalents were $43,511.39. This includes remaining balance on Grant of $9,600. A motion was made by Commissioner Moore and was seconded by Commissioner Stoller.
Committee Reports
Aquatic Plant Control: Lake and Pond Solutions was hired for hand pulling of weeds using a vacuum. This is at a cost of approx. $2,200. Hand pulling will be done the first part of July. Need volunteers to help the crew.
Weed Cutter: Weed cutter permit ends the end of 2015. We may need acoustic study to renew permit. May need to find another storage area for the cutter (will check with Pat). Need to find out what is out there for businesses that do weed cutting. Commissioner Connell will check with Schmidt as to their pricing. Commissioner Stoller will call Onterra to check on possibility of being able to use cutter to just pick up weeds outside of cutting zone.
CBCW: Commissioner Moore will get together with Commissioner Alsteen pertaining to the duties of this program. Commissioner Moore will be taking over this program.
Other Business
Annual Mailer: new sign at boat landing, volunteers for CBCW, work on lake, storage for weed cutter.
Annual Agenda: Divers in July, Grant denied (may have a few years with no grant), board member term up for reelection.
Meeting was adjourned at 10:00 a.m.