FEBRUARY 22, 2014

The meeting was called to order by Chairman VanCampenhout at 9:05 a.m.

Commissioners in Attendance:  VanCampenhout, Smet, Kerkhoff, and Connell.

Absent members: Hogan, Alsteen, Stoller, and Buhrandt.

Members in attendance: Pat and Jane Porubcan

Special guest: Amanda Strick (Oconto Co)

Agenda Approval: Commissioner Connell motioned to approve the agenda and was seconded by Commissioner Kerkhoff. All in favor.

Secretary’s Report:  Commissioner Kerkhoff motioned to approve the secretary’s report and was seconded by Commissioner Connell. All were in favor.

Treasurer’s report : Was presented by Commissioner Connell.  Total cash or equivalent as of 12/31/2013, $30,924.43. Total expenses for 2013 were $16,921.96. Commissioner Kerkhoff motioned to approve the treasurer’s report and was seconded by Secretary Smet. All were in favor.

Committee Reports

Aquatic Plant Control:  In early December Pat, Jane, John and Dean met with Eddie at Onterra to discuss the lake management plan. Our previous grant has been extended for one more year. This gives us approximately $20,000 in grant money. They suggest we use up the grant and then apply for another.  The next grant plan should include a comprehensive lake study to be completed.  Onterra suggested to treat Bass Lake entirely with 2,4-D due to the wide spread milfoil found in this lake. There will be a spring pretreatment survey done to verify treatment extent of milfoil. Amanda with Oconto Co and Brenda Nordin with the WDNR suggest we follow Onterra’s plan. We will send out the annual newsletter early to notify the Bass lake property owners of the treatment planned for this spring.

A motion was made by Commissioner Kerkhoff  to accept Onterra’s proposal of Bass Lake. This was seconded by Commissioner Connell. All were in favor.

Clean Boat Clean Water: Amanda offered to train and educate anyone wanting to learn about CBCW.

Weed Cutting: discussion on whether to put weed cutter in early season. It was discussed, at this time it will go in when needed. This will save on the environmental wear on the cutter.

Other Business

Meeting schedule for 2014: April 26, May 24 (annual meeting), July 19, and October 18.

Annual mailer:  Chairman VanCampenhout and Jane Porubcan will design and mail annual newsletter. Mailer should be mailed by April 12.  This will include an invite to the April 26th meeting for Bass Lake property owners and anyone else interested in learning about the lake treatment.  Amanda will present training and information on Clean Boat Clean Water.

Special Tax Assessment:  A motion was made by Commissioner Connell to keep the annual tax assessment at $50. This was seconded by Commissioner Kerkhoff.  All were in favor.

Commissioner’s terms ending:  VanCampenhout, Smet, and Kerkhoff

Budget for 2014: Total projected revenue in: $20,925.  Total projected expenses: $19,615; leaving total cash or equivalent (checking and CD account) on 12/31/14 of $32,234.43.

A motion was made by Chairman VanCampenhout  to adjourn at 10:23. This was seconded by Commissioner Connell. All were in favor.