Minutes of Meetings





July 19, 2014

The meeting was called to order by Chairman VanCampenhout at 9:00 a.m.

Commissioners in attendance: VanCampenhout, Smet, Connell, Alsteen, Stoller, Buhrandt, Hogan, and Moore.

Members in attendance: Pat and Jane Porubcan, Pam Hubert, and Kris Becher

Agenda Approval: Commissioner Stoller motioned to accept the agenda and was seconded by Commissioner Connell.

Secretary’s report: (April 26, 2014) Commissioner Stoller motioned to accept the report and was seconded by Commissioner Connell.

Treasurer’s Report: Commissioner Stoller motioned to accept the report and was seconded by Commissioner Moore.

Committee Reports

Aquatic Plant Control:  (Pat) Treatment was done May 27, 2014.  Several required water samples were taken.  These samples were then sent to Madison.  Treatment worked well.  Will hand pull as needed.

Weed Cutter:  (Pat) May not be needed.  Not a lot of weed growth.  Will not get rid of weed cutter at this time.

CBCW:  (Darla) Not many volunteers. We are at 120 hours and need 200 hours.

Other Business

Sanitation Issue:  Letter to Oconto County.  Ann Hogan did a great job on drafting the letter. The Oconto County Board will also send a letter.  All wells should be pumped or inspected every three years.

Development of a long range plan for the lakes:  Working with Onterra for a management plan.  Whole lake management survey could be the next step.  We have already done a weed study.  An idea of a wet land restoration –maintain.  Need to contact Onterra of cost of a five year management plan.  Onterra will do grants from now on.  They are more knowledgeable with grants.  Jay will send out an e-mail for meeting dates with Onterra.

New Signage at boat landings: Listing fines, Do’s and Don’ts Lake rules.  Ann will take pictures of the wake rules for Maiden Lake.

New Lakewood Conservation Warden:  Lee Posusta.  He would like to attend one of our meetings.  His e-mail is  Lee.Posusta@wisconsin.gov.

Buoys:  The buoys used for the swim area are in bad shape.  The question was brought up if we should buy them and give to them to the fire department.  Pat Porubcan stated maybe we should contact the fire department and see if they would split the cost.

No wake ordinance: DNR has true enforcement. Town board can also write tickets:  $350/violation.

Election of officers: Chair:  Jayme VanCampenhout, Secretary:  Julie Smet, and Treasurer:  Matt Connell

Commissioner Hogan motioned for the election of all three, It was seconded by Commissioner Moore. All were in favor.

*Kris Becher (member) stated her son Christopher Becher was interested in having the district meetings on webinar. It was talked about and a decision was made. The cost of equipment would be too much for the number of people that would actually use it.  Meeting adjourn at 10:00.