Air Purification Systems

Clean air is essential to good health, and many people are very sensitive to air impurities. Now your home or business can be an oasis of clean air with filtration of particles down to 1/100th  of a micron, and germicidal protection too.

Pure Air and Water Systems offers a wide variety of professional  HVAC air purification products for your home or business that will help you to breathe easy in clean healthy air.

PREMIERone HEPA Filter System-



The PRIMEREone HEPA 500 Filter System uses  a pleated pre-filter to stop large particles, a charcoal activated filter to absorb odors, and a H.E.P.A. Filter that has a 99.97% efficiency filtering particles down to 0.01 microns.




 PRIMEREone Polarized Media Filters-

The PRIMEREone Polarized Media Filter replaces your current furnace filter with a high efficiency electrically polarized media. The polarized media filter only uses one watt of electricity, but filters particles down to 0.01 Micron.



PRIMEREone H.V.A.C. Germicidal & Activated Oxygen UV Air Purifier

The PRIMEREone premium residential H.V.A.C. Germicidal & Activated Oxygen UV Air Purifier fits to existing equipment for the control of bacteria, viruses and other microbials. It also oxidizes gases, removing household odors.



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