Dehumidification Systems

Ultra-Aire HVAC whole-house ventilating dehumidifiers


The Ultra-Aire high-efficiency ventilating dehumidifiers are designed to provide exceptional indoor air quality and comfort in the home.  The UA 90H is ENERGY STAR® rated, provides superior air filtration (MERV 11), and is capable of removing 90 pints of water per day. Although a MERV-11 media filter is standard, a separate, optional filter housing is available which provides additional filtration up to MERV-14 efficiency.


Santa Fe Free standing Dehumidifiers-

Santa Fe Free standing Dehumidifiers offer a line of five energy efficient dehumidifiers for spaces form 1,800 to 3,600 square feet. Additional filtering of MERV 8-11 further improves air quality. These units work great in basements, crawlspaces, and anywhere else a free standing dehumidifier can improve air quality.


Therma-Store Hi- E Commercial Dehumidification

Therma-Store Hi- E Commercial dehumidifiers control damaging moisture and humidity in a wide range of commercial applications. All HI-E DRY models operate in a variety of conditions, including lower temperatures down to 35°F, offering the best combination of operating temperature range, efficiency, water removal capacity, and low unit cost.


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