Welcome to The Peshtigo River Outdoor Learning Center!

Whitewater Kayaking Instruction by River Legend Rick Klade

Over the years long time paddler Rick Klade has introduced a lot of people to whitewater kayaking. The people lucky enough to be taken under his wing have gone on to be masterful whitewater paddlers with a true passion for the sport. It wasn’t just anyone that got to paddle with him, you had to impress him with your skills and dedication to the sport, and be a good guy to boot.

Well Rick has mellowed a little in his old age, and is now accepting a few students from the general public. He is a certified kayaking instructor, and has a stack of qualifications that few can match. If you tell people that you studied under Rick Klade you will get instant respect from a lot of the boaters around here.

He will be offering instruction on the Peshtigo River in Northeastern Wisconsin, located about 80 miles NE of Green Bay, WI. The Peshtigo River offers all flavors of whitewater from the highly technical rock gardens to the class II and III main rapids in the Roaring Rapids stretch. Most of the rapids on the Peshtigo are followed by a pool of calmer water, so it is an ideal teaching river.

You do not need to be an experienced boater to benefit from Rick’s instruction at the PROLC. In fact he expects to have some of his students to be relatively new to the sport. It is easier to teach good habits if you don’t have to break old bad habits first. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the sport or an experienced boater, the Peshtigo River Outdoor Learning Center has something to offer all skill levels.

Here are a few pictures of Rick in action. Don’t be put off by the big water, that is something that you work up to as your skills grow.

Here one of Rick’s long time friends and students shows off his skills front surfing a fairly rough and non-uniform wave with great mastery. Here is what he said about Rick on Facebook..

I have become the boater I am today because of this man and it is a huge privilege. #whitewaterlegend Now anybody can learn to boat like a legend because he is the owner and founder of the “Peshtigo River Outdoor Learning Center”. Look it up on Facebook and give Rick Klade a call if you want to boat like a legend.

A few other comments..

-He’s pretty amazing.

-Yeah, and his whitewater background goes back in history before most of us were boating. To me, he is not just a great boater, but a legend!

-Hey Legend, we should paddle some time together.

-One of the best boaters that I have ever seen on the Pesh. I am a little biased ’cause he is my friend, but I have seen a few paddlers and swam a few rivers. Word on the street is that he might take a student or two. Wow. That is like learning from Yoda, but with a lot faster clock.

Contact Rick at 608-697-9528 to book your instruction session.

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